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March 21, 2014

10 Steps to Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car can be a big decision. You may not be sure what you want, and you may not be sure how to find it. Thankfully, the used car buying process does not have to be difficult. Simply follow these 10 steps to buying a used car.

1. Determine Your Needs

Make a list of all the qualities your used car must have. Your list of needs may include items like: able to transport several children, gets great gas mileage, is dependable, needs very little maintenance and holds its resale value.

2. Calculate Your Budget

Next, figure out what you can afford to spend. Consider the cost of car payments as well as the costs of tax, title, insurance, registration, gas money and parking fees. These costs can add up quickly.

3. See What’s Available

Armed with your list and an ideal dollar amount, visit Paaco to see all the great used cars we have to offer. We have a wide selection of vehicles, so you are sure to find something no matter what features you are looking for.

4. Don’t Buy On Impulse

With all the great cars we have on our lot, you may be tempted to make an impulse decision. Take some time to really think about your decision, however. We want you to find the car that is truly best for you.

5. Do Your Research

Once you have a car you are interested in, research the make and model. Find out the car’s strengths and weaknesses. Find out how often the model typically requires repairs as well as what parts are most likely to need to be replaced.

6. Take a Test Drive

Once you have narrowed down your selection to a car or two, take them for a test drive to see which car feels best to you. Things such as the comfort and feel of a car cannot be described on paper.

7. Get an Inspection

Have the car inspected to make sure that it doesn’t have any problems that you have missed. Take it to the mechanic for a check-up and use the Vehicle Identification Number to look up any accident or safety records.

8. Obtain Financing

If you do not have the cash up front, you will need financing. Here at Paaco, we not only offer great financing, but we also allow you to apply right on our website.

9. Obtain Insurance

You cannot legally drive the car away until you have insurance on it. Be sure you have insurance in place when you are ready to buy.

10. Complete the Paperwork

Lastly, once you have found the Paaco car you love and you have your financing and insurance information ready, you will be able to sign the paperwork, receive the title and drive home in your great used car.

Buying a used car can be a great experience if you know what you are doing. Simply follow these 10 steps to buying a used car and you will have the perfect quality car for you in no time.

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