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March 24, 2016

5 of Our Favorite Car Blogs

If you love cars as much as we love cars, you no doubt can never read enough about them. From learning about antique cars, reading about famous racing cars (and their drivers), viewing new luxury cars, getting tips on how to fix cars yourself, what to look for in 2016’s model year offerings, and on and on and on, the Internet and its blogs provides us with a true cornucopia of everything about cars.

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So just in case you haven’t found these gems of the car-blog genre, below are five of our favorite blogs about cars.


  1. NPR’s CarTalk Blog

The blog for the beloved CarTalk radio show is a compendium of great car blogs from all over the world as well as posts written specifically for the blog. If you’ve never listened to CarTalk itself before, we urge you to do so. The show no longer broadcasts new shows due to the death in November 2014 of co-host Tom Magliozi, but it has decades of archived shows that still air –and are still as hilarious and informative as ever.

The CarTalk blog itself offers blogs from the world over on topics such as car-buying guides, “my first car” memoirs, the “AAA Car Doctor Q&A” in which readers can send in questions about problems they are having with their car, blogs by the bureau chief for Automobile Magazine, tips on how to stop distracted driving, even posts by a writer who describes great drives across the country.

If you love the CarTalk, you’ll love this blog.


  1.’s Blog

When you want up-to-the-second news about new car roll outs, news on car emissions, facts about famous cars, best car lists, the latest information on concept cars, and news on car manufacturers and their designs from all over the world,’s blog is the news medium for you.

The blog posts are more news articles than opinion pieces, so if you want to stay up on all the car news all the time, check out this blog.



This blog, which says it “obsessively covers the auto industry,” writes on topics such as ownership tips, new car reviews from owners and experts, new model rollouts, auto industry issues and controversies, and more. It also provides readers with a place to list cars for sale. You also can find reviews and specs on particular vehicles via the site’s handy search tool.


  1. for information on “green” cars.

Calling itself the “ultimate guide to cleaner, greener driving,” this blog (also more of a news site), is edited by John Voelcker, a veteran automotive journalist, and states it exists as “the place car shoppers turn to for help deciphering the world of ‘green’ cars.” The blog also provides readers tips on how to go green.



A site that describes itself as “obsessed with the cult of cars and everything that moves you,” this news and opinion site covers all things automotive, from “vintage superbikes to modern jetfighters.”

It’s also written and edited by experienced automotive journalists who are not afraid to put a spotlight on problems and issues with specific car models and manufacturers as well as reporting on automotive issues from around the globe.

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