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July 30, 2017

Advantages of Vehicle Maintenance Apps

Car maintenance apps have three main categories of features:

  • Vehicle Maintenance Apps AdvantagesAutomatic crash detection and roadside assistance – If you get into a car accident, the app will send out an alert on your phone to 911 and your predefined emergency contacts. This can be incredibly handy!
  • Vehicle health diagnostics – The app tracks conditions such as engine codes, battery drain, fluids, and more, helping with preventative car maintenance. Talk about a huge benefit.
  • Real-time location monitoring – From finding your car quickly in a parking lot, to geo-fencing a teen driver to tracking a stolen vehicle, this app features help you know where your car is.

Most connected car maintenance apps offer a combination of these main benefits in some fashion. Other possible tools include standalone GPS mapping, remote lock/unlock, trip history, security features, driver awareness monitoring, and pole-position style games.

There are plenty of car maintenance apps to choose from, and you can expect to experience huge benefits with these apps — no matter which one you choose.

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