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April 29, 2014

Alignment is an Investment in the Life of Your Car

Like oil changes, regular alignments ward off bigger problems, and that saves money in the long run. Alignment is truly an investment in the life of your car. If you are looking to replace your car, you’ll find an impressive inventory at Paaco. You can finance there, making your used car purchase more affordable.

The Cause

The car’s undercarriage features a mechanical structure with moving parts, and it is always under pressure to perform. This pressure is heightened by potholes, speedbumps and more. If a driver could see the alignment changing over time, he or she would recognize that parts were worn or the springs were stretching out. A used car from Paaco has already been aligned and readied for the new owner.

The Cure
Like a chiropractor bringing the spine into its proper place, a mechanic maneuvers your alignment back into its proper place. This stops springs from stretching too far. It ensures that the suspension performs its job of balancing the car. During alignment, the mechanic checks the ball joints, the sockets, struts, tie rod, and other moving parts.

Checking the Angles
The toe angle ensures that the wheel rolls perfectly straight in a forward direction. A poor toe angle loosens the rack mounts and wears down the idler arms. The camber angle must be correct to ensure that the tires don’t lean in or out from the top. Tires must be held straight if they are to work properly. If your old car has worn out, it may be time to replace it. Paaco offers many locations with a large selection.

The Investment
Regular alignments aren’t a big investment, but they can save big money. A tiny, but essential part can be replaced for a few dollars. By preventing unnecessary tire wear, tires last longer. A $300 investment in tires can last four years instead of two. Alignment stops “drift” in which a car driver loses slight control of the car’s path. This can cause accidents, which cost money, cause pain, and sometimes take lives. Poor tires and drift both contribute to poor fuel economy. With the cost of gasoline, this drains money away on a daily basis. Finally, proper alignment ensures that a car retains its resale value. Paaco professionals recognize that a car is a vital investments, and they strive to offer the right vehicle at the right price.

The Symptoms
Poor alignment causes at least three symptoms. The first is drift, when the car seems to pull away from the direction you are streering. The second is tire wear that is uneven. Another symptom that drivers can feel is vibration while steering. If the steering wheel seems to vibrate, it indicates that the steering mechanism is trying to cope with poor alignment.

Keeping your tires aligned can save you money over the life of your car. If you are ready for a new vehicle, try Paaco for a large inventory of used cars.

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