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September 24, 2015

Are You Looking for the Right Used Car?

When it comes to purchasing a used car, there really isn’t any right or wrong car.

Except….a car truly can be wrong if it price is above what you can truly afford.

So because so many of our buyers have fallen love with a car of their dreams – and too often it’s a car that’s just not appropriate for their budget – we feel it’s time to talk a bit about wants vs. needs.

Of course you want the sports car! Of course you do! Of course you want the 5-year-old Mercedes! Of course you do! It’s perfectly understandable.

After all, our society is one that equates a fine, expensive car with success. With luxury. We believe it sends signal to all our friends and family members that we have arrived. We are somebody.

You also may decide that you deserve the car of your dreams because you work hard and you deserve to reward yourself for all that hard work. Our society also is very good at telling us that our hard work entitles us to buy the things we “deserve,” cost be damned. Because, after all, that’s what credit cards and loans are for – to purchase the things we can’t quite afford, but we sure do “deserve.”

But you also deserve to have the ability to pay your obligations on time, without worrying what bills you won’t pay this month so that you can pay others. You deserve to put money aside in savings for your retirement, a child’s education (even your own education), for a home, for a vacation.

In other words, you also deserve to be able to sleep soundly at night knowing that all of your obligations and needs are met, with the ability to set aside some money for the inevitable emergency and even some fun.

It’s hard to distinguish between wants and needs today (all that advertising saying “buy the latest and greatest” to prove yourself to others!), but it can be done.

Below are some tips to help you distinguish between a want a need.

We all need:

  • A safe and clean roof over our heads.
  • Clean water and good food to eat.
  • Clothing and shoes to protect us from cold and heat.
  • Basic healthcare and medicine .

Everything else really is a want:

  • We want the designer shoes but we really only need shoes that fit and keep our feet safe.
  • We want the big house with the granite kitchen countertops, but our food will taste the same if cooked in a small house with 10-year-old kitchen countertops.
  • We want the 5-year-old Mercedes, but the 2012 Nissan Sentra for $25,000 (or more) less will get us to work and the grocery store just as well.

Our point isn’t to be draconian: if you’ve the funds to buy a bigger house, buy a bigger house! If you can afford the payments on a 5-year-old Mercedes, buy the Mercedes.

But realize that you’re doing so because a) you want it; you don’t need it and b) you truly can afford it. Yes, in our “buy it now and buy it on credit” society says you’re being foolish to wait for something you want now, but waiting to buy something until you can afford it a) helps keep you solvent and b) means you’ll enjoy it all the more.

So what is the right used car for you? The one you can readily afford.

Come find truly perfect car for you here at PAACO. We also can help you arrange affordable financing – as in it’s truly within your budget – for the car you chose.

Contact us 877-810-4555 for more information.

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