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March 4, 2014

Asking the Right Questions When Buying a Used Car

If you buy a used car, you can save a lot of money and avoid wasting it all on payments and insurance. At the same time, you can inherit a mess if you do not do enough research and due diligence. While this is true, you should not fear the process. Instead, when asking these four questions, you can get the best pre-owned vehicle for your money.

Has it been in an accident? First and foremost, when looking at an automobile, you should ensure it has never been in an accident. To do this, you need to inspect the vehicle thoroughly and look for any issues. Of course, you should also ask the seller if it has been involved in a flood, accident or fire. Since they are legally obligated to report this, you should have no trouble getting the right answer. Furthermore, you can use Carfax to make sure the vehicle is free of a bad history. Either way, with this step, you will not buy a lemon.

Do you have maintenance records? Now, if you buy an older car, you should ask the seller if he or she can provide maintenance records. Think about it, you will want to buy a vehicle treated well by the owner. If he or she cannot offer oil change receipts and other things, you should think about other options. On the other hand, if the seller provides this, you should have some peace of mind when making your decision. At the same time, if the owner recently upgraded something or put on new tires, you should factor this into your overall purchasing decision.

How did you drive the car? If you buy a used car from an individual, you should ask him or her how they drove it. For example, some will blast the engine and drive fast; others will take it easy and obey all laws. Either way, with this information, you will know how the vehicle should hold up in the future. Remember, in the long run, a car will perform better when the motorist took care of it well.

Can I take it on a long test drive? Without a doubt, you will want to take a car for a test drive. No, you should not go down the block and back and call it good. Instead, you should go on the highway, freeway and city streets. With this step, you can see how the car performs in real world situations. At the same time, you should try to floor it and listen to the engine and transmission. Remember, you will want get a true feel for a car, and you can only do this when you take it on a long test drive.

If you want to get a great deal on a pre-owed vehicle, you should ask the right questions. Fortunately, when doing so, you can find the best price and avoid common problems that plague many unprepared and foolish buyers who rush out and spend too much money.

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