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January 17, 2014

Choosing the Right Car for Your Needs

Finding the right vehicle is never an easy task. It takes plenty of time and effort to choose a vehicle that is right for your needs. Whether you have lots of stuff to move around, have a new baby on the way or need to accommodate a large family, any car you choose must be up to the task at hand.

Feel free to use the following as a roadmap to finding the best vehicle that suits your lifestyle and your daily needs. Keep in mind we’re always around to lend a helping hand, especially when it comes to shopping for your next vehicle on a tight budget.

What Are Your Needs?

Sit down and take a moment to think about how you would use your vehicle on a daily basis. Is it just you or does the whole family regularly use it? Do you move lots of large, bulky items often? If you have kids, aren’t they still in car seats? These and many other questions are essential when it comes to figuring out which vehicle best meets your needs. Don’t be afraid to include more than one car on your shopping list – you’ll get around to paring down your choices at the dealer lot.

While a mid-size four-door sedan is often the sensible choice for most people, you might benefit from a minivan or a large, spacious SUV if you have children, especially if you have to lug around a car seat or two. If your daily commute doesn’t take you far, having a small fuel-efficient engine under the hood might benefit you best, while a long-distance cruiser offers excellent comfort for those lengthy road trips.

What is Your Budget?

Whatever your choice of vehicle, it has to be within your budget. How much do you have set aside to buy your next vehicle? Are you planning to lease or finance your vehicle? Take this time to figure out how big of a monthly payment you can comfortably afford. Don’t forget to include the cost of insuring your car as well as fuel and regular maintenance. Also, don’t forget that we can help you finance the car, truck, minivan or SUV you’ve set your sights on.

Time for a Test Drive

Despite the popularity of shopping online for a new or pre-owned car, there’s nothing like seeing your next purchase live and in the metal, so to speak. Armed with your short list of vehicles that meet your needs, you can get an up-close and personal look at your potential car purchase. Don’t forget to bring along the stroller and/or car seat to test how easy (or how tough) it is to get one or both in and out of the vehicle.

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