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January 24, 2014

Common Safety Features to Look for when Choosing a New Car

With new cars, there are plenty of safety features that can make the experience better for everyone involved. In fact, a new car is much safer than models even 20 years ago. With this in mind, here are the top five common safety features to look for when choosing a new automobile.

Side airbags: Now, it is mandatory that a newly manufactured vehicle has driver and passenger airbags. Luckily, some companies take this further and provide side air bags. This is a great safety feature to look for as it provides passengers that extra security in an accident. Since many accidents occur from a side swipe, it is smart to find a car offering protection on both sides. To take this further, a car buyer should follow the crash test results for this as it will offer a buyer with enough information to make an informed decision.

Rear view camera: Sadly, some people back up and end up running over people. This is a scary moment, especially when children are involved. Manufacturers have responded by providing rear view cameras on some high-end models. This is a perfect safety feature for a car owner who has a family to worry about and protect. Furthermore, with a rear view camera, a driver can parallel park and navigate his or her vehicle with ease.

Nice tires: When thinking of security and safety, some only think of after the fact. This is a mistake as it is wise to prevent problems in the first place. With high-end tires, a person can navigate the wintery or slick roads with ease. This is a serious advantage as one can avoid minor or major accidents while out on the road. A car buyer must think about this a lot as tires are the only thing that touch the ground and it is smart to buy a vehicle offering great tires.

Bluetooth: Believe it or not, some new cars still do not come with a Bluetooth setup. Now, it is, of course, not wise to use a cell phone or other device while operating a car. However, most people will ignore this advice, and it is wise to have a backup plan. With a Bluetooth device, a driver can navigate the streets and keep his or her hands on the wheel. Simply put, a busy person who wants to drive safely must look for a new vehicle with a Bluetooth option.

Sideview assist: Many accidents are caused by human error. When changing lanes, some drivers will not see a car on their side. To prevent issues, a buyer should look for a car with Sideview assist. With this feature, the vehicle will alert a driver when he or she makes a lane change, and there is another car in the immediate area.

When understanding the dangers of driving, a consumer can find the best car for his or her situation. One must realize that safety features will help a person drive safely and avoid serious and life-changing accidents.

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