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February 4, 2016

Do You Make These Common Car Buying Mistakes?

When it comes to buying a car, we all make mistakes. What’s more, we often don’t even know we’re making them!

To help ensure that you never make these common mistakes again, we’ve put together a short list of common mistakes most car shoppers have made at least once. But you? Never! Or at least, never again!

common car buying mistakes

  1. Going to a dealership not knowing what you want.

Oh, you are a salesperson’s dream if you visit a dealership with the intent to buy but no clue as to what you want and/or what you can afford!

And even if you know how much you can “afford per month,” you’re still just asking for the salesperson to show you cars that are more expensive than those which truly fit you budget (don’t forget the cost of insurance, new tires, repairs, gas and – most important – interest charges on a five- or six-year loan), so long as he or she can “work my magic” and get the monthly payment into your range.

Instead, always know what kind of car you want, what your budget is for the FULL amount of the car (not the monthly payment), as well as your budget for insurance, repairs, etc.


  1. Skipping the test drive.

Sure, the car looks good. It looks sharp and sexy and you just know you will look gorgeous/handsome behind that wheel.

Instead, understand that each car is different and all cars aren’t made for you. You should visit several car dealerships and test drive at least five to seven cars. And don’t just drive it around the block for 10 minutes. Take it on city streets, residential streets and the highway/freeway. Drive that car for a minimum of 30 minutes.

If a dealership discourages you from taking a test drive, leave.


  1. Going to just one dealership.

It’s truly best to go to at least three – or more – dealerships and actually talk to salespeople. You can hear what their final offers are and then possibly use these offers to your best advantage at the dealership you finally choose.


  1. Not being willing/prepared to walk away.

Never, ever settle for a deal that’s not best for you. Never. No matter how good the car looks, no matter how much you love it, no matter if you “can afford” the car, if it’s not a good deal for you, walk away. You will find another car, one that’s “perfect” and one that fits your budget and needs.

In addition, if you do walk away from a deal, don’t be surprised if the salesperson is more willing to negotiate. Funny how that happens…

As you visit several used car dealers looking for a great used car, don’t forget to visit the PAACO location nearest you. We can help you find an affordable car as well as help you with financing (if you need it). Contact us at 877-810-4555 or send us an e-mail message.

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