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December 4, 2013

Emergency Roadside Tiips

When a problem arises out on the road, most drivers run into the situation of deciding on what course of action to take. For many, emergency roadside tips are a luxury that often remains forgotten in the midst of a potential road crisis.

The importance of understanding what to do in a roadside emergency cannot be understated. There are many dangers that lurk on the road to your destination that may go unnoticed until you arrive at a point of urgency. There are several essential tips that you can follow in order to avoid the pitfalls of finding yourself unprepared.

Tip #1: Be prepared

Drivers should always do a vehicle inspection and maintenance check in order to ensure that the vehicle is safe enough to be on the road. Checking tire pressure, oil levels and transmission fluid is important when planning to head out on the highway.

Depending on the season, weather-related items should be kept in the vehicle for unexpected stops and potential problems while traveling. During the warm months, carrying bottled water in the vehicle can help prevent dehydration in the event of a breakdown. Storing an umbrella is another good idea to avoid having to walk in inclement weather to find assistance.

In the winter months, keep warm blankets, hats, gloves, and weatherproof boots to protect your body from the elements. Motorists who are unprepared during frigid weather risk frost bite and hypothermia if cold weather gear is not available during an emergency on the road.

Tip #2: Establish An Emergency Kit

There are several items that every vehicle should possess in the case of a breakdown or accident on the road. Essential items to include in the emergency kit include a car jack, jumper cables, cloth or paper towels, a flashlight and a small tool kit that can easily be placed in the trunk in case of a mechanical problem.

In the event of an injury occurring during your travels, a first aid kit should also be kept in the vehicle.

Tip #3: Keep Safe During A Roadside Breakdown

When a vehicle malfunctions and breaks down on the road, there are a number of things you can do to keep yourself and other passengers riding with you safe. First, never attempt to step out of the vehicle on the traffic side of the auto. Always exit the car from the shoulder side of the road if possible.

It is not advisable to attempt to change a flat tire if the vehicle is not stopped in a safe place and out of the danger of traffic. If you are unable to drive the vehicle to an emergency lane or far enough onto the shoulder of the road, call on your cell phone for professional assistance.

An emergency vehicle service may be the best option in a roadside issue. If you are searching for a more reliable vehicle, PAACO used cars is a great choice. Visit for more information on the variety of reliable vehicles.

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