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November 15, 2013

Getting a Good Trade-in Value for Your Vehicle

When you’re looking to buy a car that is new to you, trading in the one you now own can be a good option. Some car buyers simply take whatever amount is offered for their car on faith alone. Yet, in the back of their mind, they might wonder if they really got a good trade-in value for their vehicle.

Finding Value And Thorough Cleaning Are Crucial

Doing some easy research before shopping can help you to know if you really are getting the best trade-in value you can for your car. You have to put away any ideas of sentimental value and what you think the car is worth, especially when your number is based on how much you like the car. You’ll need trustworthy, solid facts about the vehicle’s real value.

One place to find helpful information is through Kelley’s Blue Book. Just a short time doing Internet research pays off. When you go to websites, act like you’re a buyer interested in the type of car you now have. Check into what others who have the same make of car are selling it for. Consider things like the car’s condition, age and popularity in the marketplace. Then, give your vehicle a thorough cleaning, inside and out, paying attention to details.

The Vehicle Value May Surprise You

Finding out your vehicle is worth less than you thought is sometimes called reverse sticker shock. Some owners feel their car is worth closer to original price than it really is. Getting reliable information ahead of time helps you negotiate the best trade-in value for your vehicle.

You can enter the car dealership knowing ahead of time what the realistic value is of your trade-in. You also have to be aware of the dealer’s position. He’ll need to get the feeling that your car can easily be sold and that it won’t sit on his lot for long.

You May Not Always Get Blue Book Value

The dealer will carefully check your vehicle over for damage and try to find out if it has had any painting or repairs done to it. They will also drive the car to be sure it’s in good working condition. Be aware that the price you’re quoted might differ from the Blue Book Value. That number is always a guideline, not a firm number.

He’ll consider things like the vehicle make and model. The popularity of your make of car in the marketplace where it’ll be sold is also important. Even the color and specific options in your vehicle are considered when you’re quoted the trade-in price.

Over 20 Years In The Business

With over 20 years in the business, PAACO has the utmost respect for every car buying customer. Every person is treated as an individual. Care is taken to find the best deal for every situation, including giving the customer a fair price for their trade-in vehicle. Their goal is always to bring the best cars to their customers, for the best price.

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