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February 4, 2014

How To Get The Most For Your Trade In

When trading in a car, a person can get a substantial break on his or her next vehicle purchase. While this is true, it is not always easy for an individual to get the most out of the transaction. No, in fact, some dealerships will take advantage of an unprepared client. With this in mind, here are four ways to get the most for a vehicle trade in.

Clean the inside and outside:
Now, when walking into the showroom, one should have a nice looking car that is clean on the outside. Meaning, the paint should look nice and, ideally, one should also wax it thoroughly. To take this further, a car owner should vacuum the inside and remove any small stains or discolorations. With this step, a consumer can walk into a dealership with confidence and will likely enjoy a higher offer on his or her automobile.

Nothing can slow down a transaction like a consumer not having his or her paperwork. At the least, when showing up without the right papers, a vehicle owner will not get top-dollar for his or her car. To take matters further, a vehicle owner should bring his or her maintenance receipts and any other pertinent information. Without a doubt, with this vital information, one can get more money for their trade in.

Know the value:
Sadly, a lot of fast talking dealers will exploit a person and practically steal the vehicle. To avoid this, a car owner should know the value of his or her vehicle. With Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds, a smart auto owner can get to the bottom of the issue and can find out what his or her car is worth. Of course, when doing this, one should also head to online classifieds sites and look for comparable sales. While it is up to the dealer to make an offer, a smart consumer who knows the true value of his or her automobile will not get taken advantage of by a dishonest car dealership employee.

Negotiate like crazy:
Now, most dealerships will hook in a person and get them excited about the car they are going to buy. However, before going too far, one should try to negotiate the value. In fact, ideally, one should not take the first or second offer. Instead, when sitting down and hashing things out, a vehicle owner can get more without much work. At the same time, when negotiating this, one should remember to stand their ground, and, if necessary, a consumer should have no problem walking away from the transaction.

With these four simple tips, a car owner can walk into the dealership with confidence. While most people get pushed around by salespeople, a prepared buyer can get the most for his or her old car. Without these steps, most will end up missing out on substantial short and long-term gains. Luckily, these steps are not time-consuming, and will only take a couple of hours to prepare for the process.

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