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April 15, 2014

How to Maintain a High Mileage Vehicle

Purchasing a pre-owned vehicle as opposed to a brand new car, truck, or SUV is a fantastic way to save money; however, a used vehicle will require more attention and care than a brand-new one. Proper maintenance is very important in order to extend the life and drivability of the vehicle. Fortunately, many vehicles can easily surpass the 100,000 or even 200,000 mile mark if they are well taken care of. Below are some helpful ways to keep your high mileage vehicle on the road and going strong.

For starters, make sure to check your vehicle’s oil level on a monthly basis. If the oil is low, use a high-mileage oil to bring it back up to the proper level. Specialized oil for high-mileage vehicles is thicker than conventional oil. It contains unique additives that can help with leaks and worn down areas that are commonly found in older vehicles. About every 3,000 miles, change the oil and replace the oil filter.

Next, add a fuel injector cleaner to your gasoline approximately every 3,000 miles. Fuel injector cleaner will help prevent a loss of power and will keep your gas mileage up as well. Fuel injector cleaner works by passing through the gas pump, fuel lines, and injectors and removing particles that may block up the system and keep fuel from moving efficiently.

About twice per year, give your vehicle a thorough wax to maintain its paint job. Check the power steering fluid level every six months as well. Power steering fluid cushions vital steering system parts, so a low level can cause trouble if left unnoticed.

Because inspecting your vehicle’s engine is so important to extending it’s life, about once per year, have your vehicle’s brakes, hoses, clamps, and coolant strength professionally assessed. Belts should be checked every 10,000 miles, and getting a tire rotation is wise at the same interval.

After 30,000 miles, many older vehicles need new spark plugs, although some will not need theirs to be replaced until 100,000 miles of use. If yours need replacement, also replace the wires, distributor cap, and rotor. Every 30,000 miles, your vehicle’s throttle body should be cleaned, and the transmission fluid should be changed also.

At PAACO (short for Public Auto Auction COmpany), we provide a fantastic selection of pre-owned and pre-loved vehicles that are great for work, play, and/or family life. We have provided the above information as a service to our customers to help them maintain their vehicles in excellent and roadworthy condition. We are happily dedicated to serving our community by providing a wide variety of quality pre-owned vehicles, in-house financing, and excellent customer service. Se habla español.

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