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April 22, 2014

How To Register A Used Car In Texas

If you buy a used car in Texas, then you have 30 days to transfer the title and register the vehicle in your name. You must register your car with the local County Tax Assessor-Collector’s office. The total fees for registration will also include local county fees which vary according to the area where you live. If you move to Texas from another state, then you will have 30 days to obtain your driver’s license and vehicle registration. You must also provide proof of liability insurance for the vehicle you wish to register.

How To Register Your Vehicle

Look for a local County Tax Assessor-Collector’s office online. You should be able to find an office fairly close to where you live. The agency is only open during regular business hours, excluding major holidays. If you are transferring a title from another state, then you must have the vehicle pass an emissions test first. The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles raises revenue for the state. State funds are used to repair and maintain bridges and roads. They also award grants to several law enforcement agencies to help reduce vehicle thefts and burglaries.

Buying from Individual Versus Dealership

If you buy a used car on the weekend from an individual, then you will need to download a Vehicle Transit Permit located on the state’s website. This will allow you to legally drive to the county tax office to register the vehicle. The form is only valid for five days, and only one may be issued per sold vehicle. When you buy a used car from a dealership, you will not have to go to the county tax office. However, make sure you have a receipt that shows the vehicle is in your name. You must allow at least 20 business days for your title application to be processed.

Buying a used car also makes you responsible to pay sales tax when registering the vehicle. When you receive your new title in the mail, make sure the information is correct. If there is a misspelling of your name, and the county office is responsible, then there will be no fee to correct the title. However, if the error was due to wrong information on the title, then you will be responsible for the new title fee.

Selling a Vehicle

When you are selling a vehicle to an individual in Texas, be sure to download and print a Vehicle Transfer Notification. This will not transfer the title, but it will relieve you of responsibility should the vehicle be involved in a motor vehicle accident or go through the toll booth. Also, you will not be responsible for parking tickets. As a seller, you must provide the buyer with a signed title that includes the date of sale and odometer reading. Download and print the Application for Texas Certificate of Title found on the website. Sellers should keep detailed records of any vehicles that have been sold including buyer information with the vehicle identification number.

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