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July 17, 2014

How to Tow a Car Using a Tow Strap

At some point in the future, you may be in a situation where you need to help out a friend or family member by towing their car. If you attempt to do this, it is critical that you know exactly what you are doing. If you just try to feel your way through the process and make a few guesses along the way, the results could be disastrous for you and anyone driving behind you. The concern is not just that the car may fall off and break free. By incorrectly using tow straps, you could cause damage to the vehicle that you are using to do the towing. Once you have learned the correct method of using tow straps, it will allow you to avoid spending your hard earned cash on hiring a costly towing service to do the job for you. Let’s take a look on what you need to know in order to safely tow a vehicle with tow straps:

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is make sure the tow strap you are using is made out of a nylon webbing that is strong. There are some varieties that come with hooks attached to either end. Prior to connecting the strap to either of the vehicles, conduct a thorough inspection of the strap to make sure that there is not a single tear in it. Any tears in the strap could weaken it and potentially create a problem before you reach your destination.

Step 2

Locate the tow hook on the car you are about to tow. There are certain varieties of cars that have a pair of tow hooks in the front. In the back of the vehicle, there might be a receiver that a tow strap can be connected to. Both of these areas are the only locations where a tow strap should be connected. If you attempt to connect it anywhere else, you could possibly damage your vehicle. The only time a tow strap should be connected to a vehicle’s frame is in a situation where there are no tow hooks on the vehicle.

Step 3

Connect the tow hook to one end of the strap. If you own the type with a loop, the loop should be threaded through the hook. The remainder of the strap should be pulled through the loop. If there are metal hooks on your strap, be certain the hook’s open end is facing downward.

Step 4

Park your towing car close to the vehicle you are towing, and attach the strap’s opposite end to it. Use any of step 3’s linking methods.

Step 5

Place the car you are towing in neutral. Drive slowly as you are towing the vehicle. You need to be especially careful when the strap isn’t taut. The cars, hooks and strap can all be damaged by any sudden movements.

Step 6

After you have arrived in an area that is safe, slow down gradually and come to a stop. It is best if you have someone sit in the vehicle being towed. This person can gently apply the brakes as you come to any stops along the way. This is especially helpful if you are going down hills.

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