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January 16, 2014

Important Questions to Ask About the Car you’re Interested in Purchasing

Buying a new car does not have to be a difficult process. Your success in buying quality vehicles depends on your buyer’s education. In order for a buyer to make the best decision, they must have the correct information in their hands. The following are just a few questions that you should ask about the car you are interested in purchasing:

How Many People Owned the Car Previously?
If you are buying new from a dealer, this question will not be applicable, but it is a very important one to ask if the vehicle is previously used. Obviously, a one-owner car does guarantee proper maintenance, but it often less risky than one that is owned by five or six people. It should only make you wonder why nobody wanted to keep it. You should also ask if the dealership used the vehicle as a demo. Unfortunately, many people who drive demos are not as careful as they should be with the vehicle.

What Type of Work has the Car had Completed?
For used vehicles, you also need to find out what type of work the car has had on it in the past. While the vehicle could be considered in great condition right now, if certain things, like the rotors or brakes, have not been replaced recently, it is an expense that will be coming up for you. You can make a more educated decision by viewing all of the maintenance records of the vehicle.

Has the Car Been in Any Accidents and Had Damage?
A car accident can cause a lot of damage and, even if repaired, can have problems down the road. New cars can also be damaged in the shipping process. While it is the dealerships responsibility to educate you on the car’s history, you still want to look for any signs of damage yourself. One small ding may not really matter to you, but it could cause rusting in the future if not remedied.

What Type of Other Fees Will I Need to Pay?
Both used and new vehicles come with a lot of fees. By asking what type of fees you will need to pay, you will get a better understanding of the exact cost of the vehicle and whether or not you can really afford it. There will always be doc fees to pay (the cost of the contract), but make sure you understand about anything else, such as an extended warranty that could increase your monthly payments.

What are the Terms of the Loan?
Last, before you can make a decision, you need to know the terms of the loan. What are the monthly payments? How many months will it take to pay off the car? What is the interest rate? All of these things are crucial for the buyer in determining which car is right for them.

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