Used Truck for Sale


Are you considering a used truck purchase? This is an excellent choice for any vehicle owner. Here at PAACO Automotive Group, we have a wide variety of the best used trucks for sale, in addition to many other top-of-the-line makes and models.

The PAACO team is proud to be your first choice for used car ownership. We’re well-known for our affordable financing, fabulous referral programs, top-notch customer service, and team of highly skilled auto technicians!

When it comes to purchasing your used truck, we make financing as simple as possible. We offer an instant pre-approval financing process, all conducted in-house for your convenience. We don’t believe that past financial hardships should affect your ability to buy a used truck or other vehicle. At PAACO, we believe in offering you the loan that you need and deserve.


Used Truck Parts


Here at PAACO Automotive Group, we carry a wide selection of used truck parts, including used and rebuilt…

  • Body parts
  • Headlights, taillights, and bumpers
  • Windshields and glass
  • And more!

If you’re seeking high-quality used truck parts, look no further than PAACO. We pride ourselves on having the best used trucks for sale, as well as the best in used truck parts!


Used Truck Values


From a financial standpoint, buying a used truck as opposed to a brand-new model simply makes more sense. Most vehicles will rapidly lose value within the first year of their lifespan. When you consider that most new trucks depreciate by 20%of their original value as soon as they’re driven off the lot, purchasing a used truck is the smarter option.

Used trucks are better able to retain their value, can help reduce insurance costs, and are generally more cost-effective. What are you waiting for? Call PAACO today for more information about the best used trucks for sale at 866-278-7106.

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