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June 25, 2015

Is it Harder for Women to Negotiate a Used Car Purchase?

Walk Away Satisfied With Your Used Car Purchase!

“Conventional wisdom” says it’s harder for women to negotiate a good price for a used or new car with a professional salesperson.

To this we say “bunk!” From our own experience here at PAACO, we’ve come across not a few women who are great at negotiation and who have walked with a new-to-them used car and a smile of appreciation and respect on the faces of our salespeople.

Still, the idea continues to persist that women are retiring flowers, easily led into purchasing a car for a price higher than they wanted (or purchasing a more expensive car).

And, that’s true: some women don’t negotiate well. Some men also don’t negotiate well.

Believe us when we tell you that we do not want you to buy a car when you’re unhappy with the deal or terms of the sale. We – and just about every other used car dealership we know of – truly want our customers to leave satisfied that they purchased a great car at a fair price.

So if you’ve ever felt you could have “done better,” read below for some tips to help you negotiate the purchase of a car.

  • First, try to look at the negotiation not as a confrontation (and therefore as a negative, unpleasant experience), but as a give and take in which both you and the salesperson want to come to a happy understanding. After all, if you can’t, you don’t have a car and the salesperson doesn’t have her commission. Coming to an agreement with which you’re both happy means you both win. The salesperson wants this, too. The salesperson wants to give you the car keys; but not unless you both walk away satisfied.
  • Before entering a dealership, have an ideas as to what type of car you want to buy. Have a budget in mind and promise yourself that you will stick to it.
  • If the salesperson asks you how large a monthly payment you’re thinking of, tell her you’ll discuss financing later. Right now you only want to discuss the purchase price of a vehicle.
  • If the salesperson asks you for the highest amount you’ll pay, deflect it by saying you’ve done your research (you have, right?) and that you know what the car usually sells for. Ask the salesperson “what’s your best price?”
  • Before arriving at the dealership, know three numbers: what your first offer will be, what your counteroffer will be and – as mentioned above – the absolute highest you will go.
  • If you feel you’re been pressured by the salesperson, let her know you’re unhappy and ask the sales manager for another salesperson.
  • Try to have fun; think of the process as a game. You won’t die if you don’t get this You can – and definitely should – walk away if you can’t come to what you consider a good deal because you know that a great car at a great price is out there, waiting for you.

You won’t find high-pressure sales tactics here at PAACO. In fact, our sales team members are more like financing experts than used car salespeople.

Visit the PAACO location near you and check out our inspected and warrantied used cars.

Give us a call at 877-810-4555.

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