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August 30, 2017

Not Just for Soccer Moms: Advantages of a Used Minivan

Pros and Cons of MinivanMinivans: they’re definitely not just for soccer moms anymore! The used minivan, in particular, offers many benefits, and on a practical level, it probably has more notches in the “pro” column than an SUV. Yes, it’s true! The biggest benefits relate to ease of use. For instance, because of their low ground clearance, minivans are easy to get in and out of — a big deal when you’re trying to transport toddlers and all their gear. Storage is also key, when it comes to minivans.
Here are the top advantages of buying a used minivan:
Sliding doors. It is such a simple concept, yet so wonderful. You hit a button and they open or close if you so desire. If someone parks too close to you at the mall, you can still slink into your van. The sliding doors combined with the lower ride-height also means that little ones can get in and out of the vehicle on their own a bit easier than a taller SUV. This means less lifting for you and every opportunity you can take to save your back from hoisting 50+ lbs youngster is worth it. Also, sliding doors gives you easier access to the 3rd row seat.
Storage.There’s storage for everything in minivans. Despite being perfectly suited for college students going on road trips, minivans are mostly designed for parents who need to transport large numbers of children. One of the most important things about children is that transporting them also requires transporting ridiculously large amounts of stuff. Whether it’s all the water bottles, pads, helmets, bags, snacks, and extra clothes that are part of making it to football practice or the eight hundred boxes of wrapping paper that have to be delivered after a school fundraiser, any vehicle designed to haul children is going to be designed to haul a ton of stuff.
You can haul everything. When you think about hauling things, you usually think of a pickup truck. Unfortunately, the secret that no one likes to tell you is that pickup trucks tend to be pretty limited in what they can haul. Sure, you can haul extraordinarily heavy things, and sure, you can tow even heavier things, but if you don’t live on a ranch, how often are you going to have to haul 8,000 pounds of fertilizer? The answer to that question is, “probably never.” A minivan is almost guaranteed to be able to move more everyday stuff than a truck can. The truck might have the advantage if the object you’re trying to move is wide, thick, and exceptionally tall, but you better bet that if you’re trying to move a bed, a few sets of drawers, a nightstand and a dresser, your best choice is a minivan.
Captain’s chairs. Most minivans will give you the option of getting “captain’s chairs” for the second row seat. This is a must-have feature. Children especially between the ages of 5-10 will benefit from a “separation zone.”
You don’t have to keep it forever. Hey, kids grow up. They get older; they get cars of their own and eventually will move out. At some point along the way once strollers, sports gear, and little league car-pools are out of the equation you won’t need the minivan anymore. You can trade it in for a luxury crossover, or a nice sedan, a maybe even a sports-car. A minivan is not a prison sentence. Also worth noting that many American families have two cars. One of which could be the primary family transportation (i.e a minivan) and the other can be whatever you like, a monster truck, a Lamborghini, or maybe something a little smaller that balances out the MPGs.
Cup holders. Lots and lots of cup holders. Whether we’re talking a latte, water bottle, or juice, you need cup holders! And minivans come equipped with tons of cup holders.

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