Paaco Vehicle Warranty

Paaco Vehicle Warranty

All vehicles come with a 6 months or 6,000 miles warranty

(Vehicles coverage expires by the time measured from the date of sale or the mileage measured from the odometer reading at the time of sale whichever occurs first)

What is Covered

Engine – ALL Internal Lubricated Parts, plus these non-lubricated parts: intake and exhaust manifolds, factory installed supercharger/turbocharger, radiator, water pump, thermostat, fuel pump, valve covers, oil pan, dipstick and tube, timing belt, timing chain/belt cover, camshaft position sensor, crankshaft position sensor, engine mounts, flywheel, ring gear, flex plate, harmonic balancer, belt tensioner and idle pulley(s), cylinder head, engine block, rotor housing*

Transmission – ALL Internal Lubricated Parts, plus these non-internal lubricated parts: torque converter, transmission mount(s), oil pan, dipstick and filler tube, vacuum modulator, transmission Case.*

Transfer Case – ALL Internal Lubricated Parts, plus these non-internal lubricated parts: Electronic and vacuum engagement parts, four wheel drive/semi-automatic and manually operated hub assemblies, transfer case*

Drive Axle Assembly – ALL Internal Lubricated Parts, plus the following parts: Axle shafts, axle bearings, constant velocity joints and boots, universal joints, center support bearing, final drive housing. *

Electrical – Starter (motor, drive and solenoid), alternator, ignition cylinder.

Seals & Gaskets – Seals and Gaskets are covered for the components listed under this Coverage, for vehicles less than 125,000 miles on the odometer at time of sale.

Fluids, Lubricated and Filters – are covered when required in condition with repair of a Covered Part.

Air Conditioning

Towing Charge – In the event of a mechanical breakdown of a Covered Part, you will be reimbursed for YOUR actual cost up to a maximum of $100.00


*when damaged as a result of the failure of the covered Internal Lubricated Part.

*** For any questions regarding any part of what may or may not be covered please call the location nearest you for details***

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