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September 16, 2013

Preparing Your Car for Sale

Many car buyers today have plans to sell their current vehicle before they purchase a new car. Some will sell their car to a dealership as part of a trade-in process, but many car owners are making the decision to sell their car on their own with the hopes of getting more money from the sale. can help you to connect with buyers, but first, you want to take a few steps to prepare your car for sale. If you are committed to doing everything you can to get the most money when selling your car, consider following these tips.

Make Small Repairs
Whether you have owned your car for a year or numerous years, you may be aware of small issues with your car. For example, the door handle may feel loose, or the rear window may not roll all the way down. Whether your vehicle has these or other minor repair issues, you will want to consider getting these issues fixed before you list the car for sale. If you have noticed these problems while driving the car, chances are that a potential buyer may also notice them. Those who are buying a used car often don’t expect the car to be in pristine condition, but they may be detracted from making an offer if the car appears to be poorly maintained. Some may use the minor repair issues to negotiate a lower sales price.

Touch Up the Paint
Likewise, consider investing in a small bottle of touch-up paint. Most cars that are more than a few months old may have minor paint chips and scratches, and these may develop through normal use of the car. While these are to be expected, they can also make the vehicle look less appealing to a potential buyer. With a small bottle of touch-up paint and a little time on your part, you can conceal these problem areas and improve the look of your car.

Get It Detailed
Before you take pictures of your car to post online with the sales listing, consider getting the car professionally detailed. Take out all of your personal items, including anything that may be hanging from the rearview mirror or stored in the trunk. A professional cleaning service can remove all of the dirt and grime that has accumulated on the car as well as in its interior over time. By detailing the car, you can restore it to like-new condition and make it sparkle with clarity. While detailing it before you take pictures to post online is a smart idea, you should also consider having it professionally cleaned, if needed, before a potential buyer drops by to test drive the vehicle.

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