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November 8, 2013

Proper Maintenance of a High Mileage Automobile

If you want to save a lot of money on a car, you should consider the benefits of getting a used vehicle. You can save a huge amount of money if you are willing to purchase an older vehicle that has a lot of miles on the odometer. We have a great selection of quality used vehicles at Paaco.

Although it is a great way to save money, you do need to be careful when you purchase older vehicles that have a lot of mileage under their belts. They need to be babied a little bit in order to keep them running in good shape. If you want to get a nice used vehicle from us, you can follow these tips to take care of your quality used vehicle purchase from Paaco.

Regular Oil Changes

The number one rule when it comes to taking good care of a vehicle that has high mileage is to give it regular oil changes. Under no circumstances should you let the car go more than 3,000 miles between oil changes. High quality, clean oil is crucial in an older vehicle. The lubricating effect of the oil will ensure that you gain the maximum lifespan from a vehicle that has a lot of miles on it.

Watch the Other Fluids

As well as taking care of your older car’s oil needs, you need to keep a close eye on the other fluids as well. You need to check the fluid levels at least every few weeks to make sure that they are filled. This includes the transmission fluid, coolant and brake fluid. As well as keeping these fluids filled, you should also flush out the systems regularly to ensure maximum longevity for your high mileage vehicle. This is especially important for the transmission fluid as the transmission need to be babied in a car that has a lot of miles on it.

Keep an Eye on the Tires

Another important part of keeping an older vehicle in good shape is to keep an eye on the tires. You should check the tire pressure at least once a month to make sure that you are getting an even ride that will not cause the tires to wear out unevenly. In addition, you need to regularly inspect the tires to make sure that they have ample tread on them. When you keep your tires in good shape, it will prolong the life of your vehicles as well as give you better gas mileage.

Regular Tune-Ups

When you get a quality used vehicle from Paaco, you know that it will be in great shape when you buy it. If you want to keep it in great shape, make sure that you get regular tune-ups to keep it in good working order. You should take it into the mechanic at least once a year to get a tune-up. If you want to baby your vehicle, then you should consider going twice a year for tune-ups to get the maximum lifespan out of your vehicle.

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