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February 25, 2014

Spring Clean Your Car’s Engine

Bring Your Car’s Engine To Life In The Spring
As the winter cold subsides, spring is slowly rolling in. Your car may be in dire need of a car wash, however. At Paaco Used Cars, we know that keeping your car clean and maintained in the winter can be difficult, especially if snow or ice is a common encounter. Aside from washing the dirt off the car, you need to also spring clean the engine. As the heart of the vehicle, your engine needs specific checks and adjustments to run faithfully on the road.

Change Your Oil

Even if you haven’t driven 3,000 miles, it is good practice to change the oil once spring arrives. Winter cold forces the oil to thicken, making it rough on internal engine parts. Although the warming temperatures help the oil to thin out, an oil change, along with a new filter, refreshes the engine. Take your car to a service station to have your oil changed rapidly. You’ll be on the road, with better fuel efficiency, in a flash.

Inspect The Spark Plugs

Your spark plugs provide a flash to ignite the fuel during engine cranking. These plugs have a specific gap for the spark to ignite. Over time, the gap changes because of sediment buildup on the plug itself. If you inspect the plugs and see a lot of buildup, bring your car in for a spark plug replacement service. All of the plugs will be gapped correctly and tested for ignition efficiency.

Replace Air Filters

The car’s engine relies on clean filters to stop particulates from entering the sensitive system. Allow a qualified mechanic to replace your engine air filter, along with the air conditioning filter. Both of these parts become clogged over time, reducing your engine’s fuel efficiency. By replacing them periodically, you maintain a clean and powerful engine ready for the road.

Clean Battery Terminals

Similar to batteries in any electronic, car batteries are prone to corrosion buildup along the terminals. As this white residue accumulates, your car has a harder time turning on each day. Battery power cannot move efficiently through the hardened crust. Allow a professional to remove the white buildup safely and effectively. Using a brush and specialized cleaners, a mechanic can quickly eradicate the buildup while prolonging the battery’s lifespan. They may even check the battery’s voltage to ensure that it has enough power for faithful driving.

Checking All Fluids

Your car uses many fluids throughout the engine. Inspect all of your reservoirs for each liquid’s preferable level. There is typically a maximum and minimum level for each liquid. Check the coolant, power steering, brake fluid and transmission oil for proper levels. If any levels are extremely low, take the vehicle to a mechanic to verify any leaks or malfunctions in the system.

Spring is the perfect time to rejuvenate your car. Take care of the interior and exterior, but concentrate most of your efforts on the engine. A well-maintained engine keeps you on the road for a long time. A car may look good from the outside, but a malfunctioning engine leaves you stranded.

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