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June 2, 2014

The Benefits of Getting a Free Vehicle History Report from Car Dealerships

It is hard to tell the entire history of a used car based on what is seen at a dealership. Fortunately, vehicle history reports solve this problem. These reports include information about the car drawn from multiple sources. Some reports can provide information that stretches back for decades. Dealerships like Paaco Used Cars provide free vehicle history reports for customers. Getting a vehicle history report before buying a used car is important for several reasons.

Odometer Accuracy

One reason a vehicle history report is so important is that it can reveal the true mileage of a used car. Some people who sell used cars attempt to roll back the odometer before visiting a dealership in order to increase the value of the vehicle. This can actually cause problems later since a car with more mileage might start requiring more maintenance than expected. A free vehicle history report from the dealership will prove that the odometer readings are correct.

Branded Title Information

The records that are collected for each vehicle history report will show if there has been a branded title in the history of the car. A branded title means the car was declared as salvage, junk or damaged by a flood at some point. Each of these brands usually indicates the car has undergone major stress in the past and possibly a complete rebuild. Although a branded title does not necessarily indicate there is currently anything wrong with the car, it is information most buyers want to know up front.

Accident History

Insurance and accident reports are included in the vehicle history of the car. The history report will clearly list any accidents that have involved the vehicle. This information can be important. A few major accidents could mean the frame is weakened or might need future repairs. A long series of smaller accidents could mean components such as the transmission is going to need more maintenance than normal. A report showing the accident history can provide very valuable information about the car.

Spot Gray Market Cars

A vehicle history report from a dealer can help drivers to spot gray market cars that might have accidentally made it onto the lot. A grey market car is a foreign vehicle imported into the country secretly by the owner or a private organization. These cars usually do not meet emissions or other standards in this country. They could also be difficult to maintain and repair. A comprehensive vehicle history report will show whether the car was imported by someone other than the manufacturer without the necessary modifications.

Find Out Where the Car Has Been

The vehicle history will show where the car has been driven in the country. It will list all of the previous owners as well. This makes it possible to see where the vehicle has spent the majority of time. Drivers will know whether road salt in colder states might have caused corrosion problems. It is also possible to tell whether the car might have damage from salty ocean air. A free vehicle history report from a dealership will make it much easier to choose the right used car.

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