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June 12, 2017

The Pros and Cons of a Classic Minivan

Pros and Cons of MinivanAre you attempting to decide whether or not you should get a minivan? If so, you’ll definitely want to check out this list! After all, this can be a very difficult choice.


They can hold a lot of people. The minivan can hold large numbers of people. It’s common to be able to put 7 people in a minivan and quite possible to find vehicles that will hold 9 people or even 10 people, as well as some luggage. This makes it ideal for vacations, or even for families with plenty of shopping to pack in.

They’re easy for everyone to get in and out of. Ever try to wedge open a car door with a giant diaper bag on one arm and baby in the other? The ease of automatic power sliding doors will seem like a dream, and they’re a cinch for older kids to open by themselves. You also won’t have to worry about bumping your head while loading baby in and out of a minivan.

They’re seriously spacious. With the sheer amount of room they provide (for both passengers and all your gear), minivans simply can’t be beat. It’s true that SUVs also have a decent amount of cargo space, but minivans are, hands-down, easier to load. That’s because SUVs tend to sit higher to accommodate heavy-duty, rear- or four-wheel-drive underpinnings, which not only take up precious interior space but can make loading and unloading gear more difficult. Minivans, on the other hand, exist to accommodate people and stuff—with subfloor hidden storage to boot.

They’re flexible. Minivans can adapt easily to whatever the future brings—a huge plus for those looking to expand their family or just handle daily carpool duty. With a third row that folds into the floor and removable second-row seats, you can totally customize the configuration based on whether you’re hauling the whole soccer team or your latest Craigslist furniture finds. The second row often has a removable center seat that can accommodate three car seats side by side, and some models even come with built-in foot rests.

They’re a good value. It’s true—when it comes to minivans, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck. Most base models start in the low- to mid-$20,000s, while even a basic midsize SUV typically starts around $30k. That’s because automakers don’t bother outfitting minivans with expensive off-road features (that most SUV drivers don’t even use), instead putting that budget toward things people actually do want.

They’ve got tons of family-friendly features. A slew of cupholders, air vents and optional backseat entertainment systems should keep each kid in your crew occupied and happy. Buy a model with individual bucket seats in the second row and you’ll also help keep the peace (no more cries of “He’s poking me!” thanks to mischief-making siblings).

They’re higher off the road. Being higher off the road means that there’s much better visibility, making the minivan a great deal safer. This can leave drivers feeling more confident and driving much better. The rear seats in a minivan can be removed so that it’s possible to put in much more cargo in the available space. If there are large loads to be moved, this is ideal.


They tend to be more expensive than normal vans. You often hear that a minivan is easier on the family budget. That’s true if you’re torn between buying a minivan and an SUV.

You can’t reach your kids as easily. When your kids are in a minivan, they may seem like they’re a mile away from you. This can be a perk if they’re having a tantrum since they won’t be screaming right into your ear.

But if your kids have been sitting in the second row of your car or SUV, you’ve been able to help them when they need something. In a minivan, you can’t do this so easily. Your kids will have to tough it out or you’ll have to pull over. The convenience of reaching behind you to pick up that dropped sippy cup or handing snacks to the backseat is gone.

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