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April 25, 2014

The True Cost of Not Maintaining Your Used Car

If you own a car, keep it in excellent shape as you will save money in the long run and avoid problems in your day-to-day life. With routine maintenance, you can keep your car running well for a long time. If you are lazy with your routine, your vehicle will develop problems. With this short guide, you can understand the true cost of not maintaining your used car.

Miss work: If you commute to and from work, you will want to arrive safely and on time. If your car is poorly-maintained, it is likely to break down on the way to work. Since you will need to hire a tow driver and take your car to a mechanic, you will miss valuable work time. It will cost you money and hurt your image as bosses expect people to show up on time. If this occurs frequently, you may deal with serious consequences as a company can fire an employee who routinely shows up late.

Last longer: It is easy to skip oil changes or other simple routines. At first, you will not notice a difference and your car will run fine for a while. In the long run, you will damage your engine and transmission. To own your car for a long time, you need to perform regular oil changes and swap out air filters. Also, follow the recommended plans when you hit 30, 60 and 90 thousand miles. If you keep up at it, you will own your vehicle for a long time.

Expensive repairs later: When you follow the maintenance schedule, you will save cash in the long run. You can take your car to a qualified mechanic who can perform minor repairs and put new parts on. If you wait too long, you will spend more money as parts will break and cause other problems. Since you need to replace parts and fix your vehicle, you will benefit when doing it early as you can save cash.

Resell value: Savvy buyers will want to view your maintenance records as they will enjoy peace of mind when they know you took care of the car. A buyer will often walk away if you do not provide receipts and proof-of-work; you will struggle to command top-dollar. If you possess all the records, you can ask for a higher price as buyers will appreciate this and express enthusiasm for the vehicle.

If you own a used vehicle, maintain it and take care of it to the fullest. You will avoid breakdowns and costly repair bills. In the long run, with a well-maintained car, you will also own it for a long time as the replaced parts will help the car run well.

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