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December 18, 2013

Trading Your Car for a Different One, Just in Time for the New Year

Trading in your car is a simple way to get the vehicle of your dreams. The only problem is that you might not know what a trade in is or how you can get the best value for your car. While several companies and dealerships accept trade ins on older models, PAACO is one of the best. You can bring your car in to the lot, or you can fill out the online application with information about your car and its condition. If you want to buy a new car for the new year, now is the perfect time to trade in your old car and walk away with a new model.

What is a Trade In?

A trade in is essentially a car that you give to the dealership in exchange for a portion off your purchase price. Let’s say that you want to buy a new family car that costs $25,000. Depending on the age and condition of your car, the dealer might give you a trade in value of $5,000. Once you hand over your old car, the dealer will take that amount off the total that you owe. Trading in that old car that you no longer want can help you afford the better model that you do want.

What Affects the Value?

The main question that car buyers ask when it comes to trading in an old car is how much money they’ll get for that car. The simple answer is that the value of your car depends on its age and condition. If you have a model that’s only a few years old, you’ll generally get more money than you would if you traded in a car that was 10 years old. You also need to look at the condition of your car. If you and your friend both have the same model but yours is in better condition, you’ll get more for your car. Dealers sell trade in cars on their lots, and those dealers want cars that are in good condition.

Selling Online

With PAACO, it’s easy to sell your car or trade in your car to the dealership. PAACO has its own online system, which lets you complete the form in minutes from the comfort of your own home. The dealership will call you as soon as possible to get more information and to give you a quote. As long as you have a phone number, email address and some basic information about your car, you can fill out the form. PAACO needs to know the make, model, year and condition of your car when you complete that form.

The new year is the perfect time for a new car. You make resolutions to improve your life and to make your life better, and having a new car can certainly help you improve your life. Even if you think you can’t afford a new car, today is the right time to buy a new car. Trading in your old car can make a new car more affordable.

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