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September 17, 2015

Used Car Too Expensive? Creative Ideas to Help You Afford It

If you have your heart absolutely set on a particular used car (which we don’t recommend by the way – just saying), but you simply can’t afford it, take a look below for some creative ideas that could help you pay for it.

Yes, it’s a Maserati. Could you possibly afford it? Probably never. But there are other great used cars out there.

(Note: Not all of these ideas are easy or “fun” to execute. Some may require actual sacrifice of some sort on your part. Remember, though: creativity often comes with sweat and tears. But you love the car; are you ready to do whatever you can to get it?)

  1. Start saving for a car long before you need to buy the next one.

Pretty radical idea, this one: saving money for a car. But, seriously, give it a shot. Even putting aside $100 a month for a couple of years adds up to $2,400 to go towards a dream car. Add in a trade-in of your current car (if possible) and the fact that you plan to buy a used car (much less expensive than new) and you well could end up buying a car much more swank than you thought possible.

  1. Get a second job.

Again, this probably is a good idea to do before looking for a car, but if you love a car and just can’t quite squeeze more fundage out of your budget, getting a second job can help you pay the additional cost of the more costly machine. Sure, you’d rather tool around in the new-to-you dream car after you get home from the day-job, but if you really want this car, moonlighting may be the way to go.

  1. Cut back on non-essentials.

What are non-essentials? They could be the $4 latte you buy every day on your way to work. Lunches eaten at restaurants while working. Heading out for a couple of beers with friends after work. Eating out on a Sunday morning after church. The latest iPhone. You get the idea. What can you delete from your budget that’s less important to you than that new car?

  1. Buy the car with a buddy.

This idea may feel less a sacrifice than the ideas above. It’s not perfect – you’ll have to work out who gets to drive the car when, who pays for repairs, what happens if one of you crashes the car, etc. It wouldn’t be easy – hammering out the details could get messy. But, hey, we didn’t promise  easy ideas, just creative ones.

  1. Sell something major.

Do you have boat you never use? A motorcycle you can only ride in summer? Do you have a collection of Marvel comics from the 1940s (still shrink-wrapped)? Which is more important to you, the car or the boat/motorcycle,comics?

These are just five ideas; we’re certain we’ve missed some. What ideas have you come up with to afford a car deemed too expensive? Let us know here.

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