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June 3, 2014

What Parts Do You Carry?

Whenever you walk into a service center or an auto body shop, you need to know what the shop carries as well as how good the parts are that the shop carries. While many shops and service centers will have parts that are sufficient for your vehicle, they may not last for a long time. As a consumer, you only want to spend money on items that are a good value for your dollar.

Are the Off-the-Shelf?

If you need new brakes or a new timing belt for your car, you don’t want a generic part that a technician has just pulled off of the shelf. While the part may fit in your car and may do a good job for a short period of time, the resale value of your vehicle has just plummeted. Few people want to purchase a car that does not have a part made by the manufacturer inside of it. If you are thinking about trading your vehicle in, a dealer may give you less for your car if there are generic parts in it.

What Brand Names Are Offered?

While it may not matter if you buy brand name soda or paper products, you want a brand that you can trust and have heard of when buying car parts. To find out how good a specific brand is, you can go to review sites online and find reviews for any brand that you want to learn more about. You can then go to a service center or auto parts store to ask if they carry parts from those brands. If they do not, you may want to go somewhere else where products that you feel comfortable with are offered.

How Knowledgeable Are the People You are Talking To?

Do the people who are selling you the parts know anything about them? In some cases, the person selling you a new headlight knows nothing about what he or she is selling you and is just there to cash you out. If you need expert advice, make sure that you ask ahead of time before you spend any money on a product. For those who might not be great with cars, it may be worthwhile to ask if there is anyone on staff who may be able to install the part for you as well. While that may be available for an extra fee, it may be worth it if you don’t know how to put the part in correctly.

When it comes to your car, you need to have the right parts and know that they are installed correctly. Otherwise, you could have to bring your car to the shop again and pay for a new part or to have the same repair job done twice. Additionally, you could cause more problems if a part grinds against another one or is not the right type for your vehicle.

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