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July 28, 2014

What to Look for in an Auto Body Repair Shop

When you are involved in an accident and need to fix your car, you will not want to take a DIY approach. No, in fact, when you are dealing with a damaged car, you need to find a reputable auto body repair shop. In the end, this is a difficult task as you are likely to end up getting taken advantage of if you use the wrong provider. With this in mind, here are five tips in what to look for in an auto body repair shop.

Been in business for a long time: While it’s possible to find a new business offering great services, it’s not wise to leave this to chance. Look or a reputable body shop that has been in business for a decade or longer. Then, you will know that the employees work hard to do the job right the first time. Remember, there are plenty of bad auto body shops out there, and you will want to choose one that has been around a while.

Solid Internet reviews: If you are savvy with the computer, you need to head online and read about the auto body shop. When reading the reviews, sort to see the bad ones. While a good idea, you must remember that plenty of people leave bad reviews out of spite. You may also want to speak your friends and family, and listen to their recommendations, and then look those up as well.

A clean shop: Now, once you head to the shop, you will want to choose one that is in excellent shape. Professional shops are usually well maintained, clean, and organized. You should pay particular attention to the cleanliness of the floor and shelves. If dirty and disorganized, you will want to steer clear.

Honest and upfront quote: Without a doubt, when you walk into an auto body repair shop, you will want to obtain an honest quote. Otherwise, if the company sneaks in any charges, you will experience frustration and anger. To take this further, ask the employee how often he or she provides an accurate quote. If they can’t tell you, it’s wise to find another provider.

Recommended within the industry: Finally, when choosing an auto body repair shop, choose one that works with insurance companies and provides top-notch services. Ideally, ask them for professional recommendations from others in the industry like mechanics and other car service places. Remember, if an auto body shop has been around a while, it will have plenty of solid recommendations.

If you follow these five tips in what to look for in an auto body repair shop, you can find one that meets your unique needs.

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