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January 14, 2014

When is it Time to Trade-In Your Car?

Trading cars is a personal decision. People have different reasons for wanting to trade in their old car. If you can check off two or more reasons on this list, it’s time to visit Paaco.

Reliable?The point of a vehicle is to get you safely from point A to point B. It must accomplish that goal every time you get behind the wheel. Break-downs cost money for tow trucks, taxis, car rentals and, of course, repairs. Break-downs can make you late for work or make you miss an important activity. If your car causes you stress like this, it is time to trade. Paaco can work with you to finance a new car that won’t let you down.

Repair Record.If a car is in the shop every other month, that car is costing the owner as much or more than new car payments might. If you can trade that car for a better one, car payments may be cheaper than constant repairs. When you can save more money by buying a car than by repairing your old one, it is time to trade. There are thousands of used cars with CarFax reports at Paaco.

Looks. Sure looks aren’t everything, but a dinged-up car can reflect on its owner. If you drive for business, an unsightly vehicle is even more of a liability. It can be a matter of pride, but most people are ready to trade when their vehicle’s looks start to decline. Paaco offers pre-owned cars that look as good now as they did originally. You can feel proud to drive a Paaco vehicle.

New Lifestyle.Some cars fit only one lifestyle. Perhaps you have a sports car, but you need a family car now. Perhaps you have finally gotten that promotion at work but are still driving the car you got while in college. If you have gone into business for yourself, you may want to trade in your compact for a work van or a heavy duty pickup truck. Paaco makes it easy to trade and easy to find the car you want.

Family Size. Perhaps you had five kids, and most are on their own now. Isn’t it time to downsize that minivan? Perhaps your family of three just became a family of four. Isn’t it time to trade that compact sedan for something bigger? Since Paaco has thousands of cars, you can find the right-sized car or SUV to suit your needs.

Fuel Economy.Getting a new car is an opportunity to get better fuel economy. Newer cars, like many offered by Paaco, can save you money at the gas pump. Why pour money into the gas tank when you can trade your old car at Paaco and get a fuel-saving replacement?!

Modern Features and Luxuries.Upgrading your vehicle with Paaco, even just a few years newer than your current model, can result in a more technologically advanced vehicle with better safety systems and more exciting dashboard technologies.

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