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July 9, 2015

Where to Find Good Used Cars

Does this happen to you: when you’re not in the market for a used car, do you always see several that look pretty great and that you’d definitely look at if you were looking for one?

But when you’re actually looking for a good used car, it seems as if there aren’t any good ones around?

The dealership near your house suddenly has not cars in your year-, model- or price range. Zero. Zilch. Zzzzpt!

So you’re at a loss: Where have all the good used cars gone?

Read below for tips on where to find good used cars.

First, if you’re willing to spread your search area out and/or you’re looking for a specific type of used car (such as a vintage classic, or an old roadster you can fix up and make like new), take a look online.

Bring a Trailer has some terrific used classic sports cars, roadsters, trucks, even station wagons (for the suburbia nostalgic). If you’re looking for a vintage car, check the site out (and be ready to “bring the trailer”) when you travel across state lines to bring the car home.)

Craigslist. You’ll be able to find cars located near year that are in your price range, model year and even car model by searching on this nationwide online classifieds site. Yes, you may have to deal with what is known in the car industry as the “privat party seller” (which can be its own headache), but you should be able to find a good used car..with a lot of leg work on your part, in visiting the seller, looking at the car and so on. And you may have to visit several private party sellers. Used car dealerships also advertise cars on Craigslist.

EBay Motors is great if you know exactly what you want and you don’t mind driving to get it. The massive online marketplace also has some seller/buyer protections that can help protect you in the transaction.

Now, offline:

  • Naturally, you’ll want to drive around to the local used car lots you see every day on your way to work or as you drive around finishing up errands on the weekends.
  • Ask friends and family members what used car dealership they’ve purchased from in the past that treated them well and with respect. You should check these dealerships out, too.
  • If you’ve bought a new car before and liked the dealership’s service over the years (especially if it’s the place you’ve gone for your car’s regular maintenance), it probably also has used cars. You also may be able to ask the dealership to keep an eye out for the type of car, year and price range you’re looking for. The dealership has a wealth of contacts in the car industry and can put feelers out for you.
  • Don’t forget to check out bulletin boards at your church, at the grocery store, the laundromat, the library, and so on: someone in your neighborhood is bound to be selling a good used car and it just may be a car that meets your model and price criteria.

Finally, if you live within the greater Dallas region and are in the market for a great used car, don’t forget to visit the PAACO location near you.  If there’s a certain model and price range you’re looking for let us know – we can go on the hunt for you and let you know when we find what you seek.

Give us a call at 877-810-4555.

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