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December 24, 2015

Why Buying a Used Car Will Make You a Better Person in 2016

As the New Year approaches (how can it be just a week away!?), we thought we’d put together a couple of reasons why buying a used car is a good idea in 2016. Not because it makes good financial sense – which it definitely does – but because it will make you a better person.

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Don’t believe us? Read below.


  1. You can bask in the fact that you’re not going along with consumerist society.

Did you know that many people have wondered if Americans today should no longer be called citizens, but instead should be referred to as consumers? That is, our very definition as a people is one that makes us buyers, not voters or “moral agents,” but instead we’re being literally defined as people who shop. We don’t create anything. We don’t make things happen. We consume. How sad is that!?

Too many people in this country believe they are losers if they buy something used instead of new. In fact, so pervasive is this belief that more than a quarter of people buying new cars last year leased a new car, one they’ll either need to get another leased (probably new) car once their lease is up in two or three years, thus repeating the process. In fact, reported that the number of cars leased grew from 22 percent to 27 percent between 2012 and 2014.

But buying a used car shows that you’re self-confident enough to not care whether your neighbor feels sorry for because you can “only” buy a used car. You’re not a slave to the idea of “it ain’t got that swing if it ain’t got that bling” mentality. Good on you!


  1. Buying a used car will cost you less than a new car; you can use the savings on something else.

Buying used always saves you money. What could you spend your savings on? A first or second honeymoon with your love (think of how happy this will make the both of you)? Save the money for your child’s or grandchild’s college education (think of the benefit this will provide the young person for the rest of his or her life)? Donate the money to a good cause, thereby helping make the world a better place?

Of course, you just may use the savings to buy something that on the face of it has no benefit to anyone, but if you do, why not buy an experience than a thing because experiences tend to make us – and the people we’re enjoying the experience with – happier than buying stuff does.

In a nutshell, buying a used car will make you a better person in 2016 because you’ll rise above the consumer madness that is America today and you’ll save money you could then spend on things that could make the world a better place or the people you love happier.

Still, buying a used car may not  make you a better person, but doing so certainly will improve your finances and that’s a decidedly good start to a new year.

Looking to purchase a great used car in 2016? Don’t forget to stop by the PAACO location nearest you to see our affordable used cars.  You also can contact us by calling 877-810-4555.

Happy New Year!

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