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July 14, 2016

Why Used Cars Are Just as Good as New Ones

Well, almost. But when you consider all of the factors involved in buying a car, tally up all the pluses and minuses of each type of car, new or used, you may pretty much come out at the same place – if not an even better one – by purchasing a used car.

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Let’s do a few comparisons.


  1. Vehicle reliability.

Here is where you would have to give the advantage to a new car. After all, it is fresh out of the factory and has never been driven. It has absolutely no wear and tear on it.

But used cars are more reliable than ever before. Cars are now better made. In the past, a car was considered at the end of its useful life after about 100,000 miles. But today, many cars are being driven nearly 200,000 miles (with proper, regular maintenance).

Also, car makers are no longer redesigning their cars every year. So, you could buy a car that is two or three years old and it would look almost like a new one.

Moreover, there are other things buyers can do to insure a used car’s reliability. One is to acquire a report of the car’s history, to see how many owners the car has had, or if the car has been in any accidents. Another is to buy one that is certified pre-owned. This means that the car meets the manufacturer’s standards and that there is some type of guarantee against any bugs in the car, similar to the warranty on a new car.

Here the advantage is definitely with the used car. The cost of the vehicle itself is several thousand dollars lower. But you save in other ways as well.

First, there is less depreciation than with a new vehicle. You pay less in insurance because the value of the car is lower. And, if you drive the car long enough, you can even do away with some types of insurance – collision and theft coverage, for example. You also save on registration fees because these too are based on the price of the car.

So, on balance, you could say a used car may be just as good as a new one, if you take into consideration both reliability and cost. Take cost only – remembering that a two- or three-year old car today is practically as good as a new one – and it’s easy to see why a used car is just as good as a new one.

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