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May 19, 2016

You Know it’s Time to Leave a Car Dealership When….

No matter how much you have fallen in love with a certain car, no matter how “great a deal” you believe the salesperson is offering you, there definitely are times when the right thing to do is to walk away from a deal. In fact, even before a deal is discussed, it may be best to walk away from a dealership.

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Here are some times it’s best to leave.


  1. When you feel the salesperson is pressuring you to buy NOW!

Not all salespeople will work to get you to sign on the dotted line right now, but many will. They work to get you to do this by saying things such as:

  • This deal expires at 5 tonight.
  • I have another potential buyer for this car and he’s coming in at 6 to sign.
  • This is the last car of this model and make and the ones we’re getting in tomorrow are going to be at least $2K more.
  • I can give you a loan rate of 7 percent if you sign now, but it goes up to 8.5 percent tomorrow.

And so on. Such high pressure tactics are sometimes used because they work. But don’t let them work on you. There is another car out there for you. There is never the car. Never fall in love with a car or with a perceived deal. If you feel pressure, leave.


  1. Always negotiate a deal on a car in advance; if you don’t, walk away from the car.

Here is how this should work: you see a car you like on a dealership’s website or in an ad. You should then call the dealership and ask to make an appointment to see the car. Go to the appointment, and make it very clear right away that you will not discuss price at all. At all! The salesperson naturally will try to get you excited about the car and want to buy it right then, but don’t do it. Tell the salesperson you will discuss price later. If he persists, walk away. If you l still want the car, call the dealership later and start negotiating the price of the car over the phone.

In other words, never negotiate the deal on the dealer’s lot. That puts the salesperson at a great advantage and you at a big disadvantage. Negotiate on your own turf: at home.


  1. If ever asked to place a deposit on the car before you negotiate its price (in order to “hold it”), walk away.

Some dealerships will give the impression that they don’t think you’re serious about buying the car and will ask that you place a deposit on it before they’ll even negotiate with you! If this happens to you, turn around right then and there and walk out!

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